Icelandic News


Retaining language has become an important part of my life. After moving to Portland, I lost contact with most non-English or at least non-native-English speakers. I visit RUV on a daily basis to not only keep exposure to Icelandic language but also to get news; RUV covers quite a bit of US and world news from a perspective that does not make me feel like pulling teeth. I loath most US news, with a few exceptions.

Their broadcast airs for most of the day on several streams. For their video archive, most programs stick around for at least a few months. As a developer, I often use the Aurora/Nightly version of Firefox. I have not looked very deep into the actual problem. Sometimes I think their website changes permissions or software. Sometimes the SSL/TLS works or breaks other times. Either way, I notice that sometimes I cannot play the streams even if javascript enabled. To get around that, I usually view source on the page and find something similar to the following and get the stream using VLC.

video.src = "";

Please note that if you see the video source has "lokad" in the directory path, you probably will not get the stream unless you can change your connection to meet the requirements (hint: location).


I visit Morgunblaðið less often, mainly only because I only have so much time on my hands. MBL has an English language version which helps me out when I find a phrase my brain has not read before.

The Reykjavik Grapevine

The Reykjavik Grapevine prints their news in all English. For this reason, I often visit this site the least. However, when I want to share a link with someone I know who does not know Icelandic, which describes nigh everyone I meet on a typical basis, this website works best.

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