emacs IDE

I got into this after listening to people talk about using emacs-like keybindings in other IDEs. Some even have worked on projects to deblob and install vscode with their own setup. And while I find interesting the idea of a free version of visual studio driven on the backs of one of the companies that formerly had such strong feelings against the libre-posix-land, I also have a soft spot for emacs and will always return to it.

What does an IDE need?

The emacswiki sums this up with three different articles. Together, in my opinion, these three cover the basics of an IDE in emacs jargon:

Auto-Completion Modes

The ability to type a few chars in a given language:

jedi-starter for emacs as a Python IDE

Has a demo and tutorial video.

Builds on top of these:

Install either manually or with package.el.


Tested this back in February, review pending...


Átila has a video presentation about using emacs as an ide.

Átila suggests an IDE should have the following. And regardless of which features an IDE should subjectively or objectively possess, emacs can extend to provide them.

  • Jump to Definition
  • Auto-completion
  • On-the-fly syntax highlighting
  • Find file in project
  • Compile with one key press
  • Graphical debugger


Review pending...


Review pending...


  • emacswiki has a summary of features in cedet
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