Hosting Options

After a colleague showed me the Manor and 1984 I setup my syncthing again on two of my laptops at home. Then I blew away my DVD player PC and installed Debian 9. I looked again at my router and remembered I originally purchased it with the plan to turn it into a home server with piratebox or at least a free wifi with librecmc. Pretty sure I got the idea from one of the good folks on #dragora and from the article the fsf published.

Provider considerations

I need to setup a backup host somewhere. Perhaps one of these:


  • free software available and supportive
  • crontab support
  • mysql or other db
  • https, preference via LE
  • email with sane greylisting recovery


  • sudo/admin user
  • mailman
  • port specification, ring for example
  • anonymous rsync access for end users
  • throttling transfer speeds (for everyone's sanity)
  • .onion addresses
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