The vaeringjar shall return einherjar.

Many of my domains just redirect here now.

Drek means all kinds of cultus itkus and iktus and drinking and dragons and dirt and sometime of whatever. Change the accept marks and you open up another can of dragons... wyrms, er, worms. Different people will give you different answers.

My parents gave me the name Alan Shea Anderson-Priddy, but do not trust everything you read on the internet.

I help with the Peers Community and have my primary repo at NotABug.

What I say on this website does not necessarily reflect that of the Peers Community.

I use free software now, and have discarded much over the last few years. Though, after many naive years some proprietary software still uses me or still knows about me. I assume I will spend the remaining years of my life to remedy this.

I have a dry sense of humor, which most people often mistake for else or miss entirely. I believe in constructive citicism and the scientific method.

If you would like to contact me, such as for corrections or comments, please send me an email.

Last updated: Sun 24 January 2016

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