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We should all record the stories from our ancestors so our children can remember them. I will do my best to help with some of my heritage. Also, to reiterate the wisdom of others:

We are unequivocally opposed to those who bring our spiritual heritage into disgrace by combining it with racial hatred or separatist doctrines.
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*Veit ec, at ec hecc vindgameidi a* *naetr allar nio,* *geiri undadr oc gefinn Odni,* *sialfr sialfom mer,* *a theim meidi, er mangi veit,* *hvers hann af rotom renn.* -Havamal Strophe 138

myths of the myths

Imperfect citations! Oh the slander! Oh the counter-trolling!
For an age I trolled the net, particularly those of the Wikipedia... much have I seen, much have I heard...
Dwarfs of the three brothers were more like a golem or an elf than Tolkien's Dwarves.
And dwarfs of the wild were more like trolls.
Loki is Fenrir and his son is or might be Garm Fenrisulfr. This usage has been lost upon contemporary interpretation analogously that Frankenstein's monster has taken the name of the scientist. The binding of Loki and the son of Loki have similarities.
Hel is the Fenrisdatter, Loki's daughter, or at least it was a place she was named after. The place was the last best choice for the after life, aside form oblivion. Christianity borrows the name.
Yggdrasil is Odin's horse, Sleipnir the Fenrisdrasil. The tree is a metaphor for the eight cardinal directions of a compass just as the contemporary metaphor is a rose. Thus, many depictions of the world tree which show the profile are looking upon the wrong axis. Not from the side, but from above the world tree grows, pointing in eight directions, the ninth world where one stands.
Odin is probably an amalgamation of many persons, in-universe Odr, probably including the out-of-universe green man and Santa. For example, it was probably someone else who hung from the tree.
Giant is not an Old Icelandic word, but rather a Troll.

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