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These are a history, discussion notes, and a list of resources that I used in my software engineering masters program.


In 1994, with the support of the Oregon Economic Development Department, and the companies Intel, Mentor Graphics, Sequent, and Tektronix, a team presented a study of software engineering success factors to representatives of higher education from the state. In 1996, a team of faculty from several CS departments from these institutions met to discuss the implications of the study. This faculty team proposed a new Master of Software Engineering degree to the American Electronics Association and the Software Association. After these groups endorsed the plan, the state legislature approved an funded the initial program.
The program, the Oregon Master of Software Engineering (OMSE), was launched in the spring of 1998 under the administration of the Oregon University System with hybrid classes offered from OGI, OSU, PSU, and UO. In November of 2002 the program merged with the PSU Computer Science department as a self-support program.
In 2011, many OMSE program professors were separated from PSU, though some remained with the CS department, due to a rebudgeting of the university’s self-support programs. The university made the choice to teach out all active students and to re-evaluate OMSE as a stand alone program and/or an integrated curriculum with the computer science department. Most remaining students graduated by summer of 2013.
In 2014, the three primary schools involved with OMSE have planned to leave OUS, so it is very likely the program will retire indefinitely.


OMSE Curriculum

Software Engineering (500)
Software Project Management (511)
Professional Communication Skills for Software Engineers (513)
Computing Foundations (514)
Software Foundations (515)
Software Process Improvement (516)
Agile Software Development (517)
Metrics and Models (521)
Modeling and Analysis of Software Systems
Software Quality (525)
Requriements (531)
Architecture (532)
Design (533)
Estimation (534)
Implementation and Testing (535)
Strategic Software Engineering (551)
Software Practicum I (555)
Software Practicum II (556)


Some books were reused throughout the curriculum, so instead of creating a matrix which might have varied depending on the professor or the student, this list includes all books.

Books, incomplete and unsorted data below, with possibly some repeats

This section is a bit less tidy and is still in progress. It also includes optional text and peer-recommended texts.
I apologize for the links to any specific bog vendor; I plan to rework this page.

Last updated: Sun 24 January 2016

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